Some key questions of Axis Bank
When Axis Bank was established
1993, Ahmedabad
Where is the headquarters of Axis Bank
Who is the MD & CEO of Axis Bank
Shikha Sharma
Who is the Chairman of Axis Bank
Sanjiv Misra
Who is the Brand Ambassador of Axis Bank
Deepika Padukone (Actress)
What is the Tagline of Axis Bank
Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi
Key Points:
  1. Finally, in on 30th of July 2007, UTI Bank has been officially changed its name to ‘The AXIS Bank’.
  2. In 2006, UTI Bank opened its first overseas branch in Singapore
  3. UTI Bank got listed on London Stock Exchange in 2005.
  4. In 2003 UTI Bank Has become the first Indian bank to launch the Travel currency card
  5. The first branch was inaugurated on 2nd April 1994 in Ahmedabad by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the finance minister of India.
  6. In December 1993 UTI(Unit Trust of India) Bank started its operation.
The Bank has ten wholly owned subsidiaries

1. Axis Capital Ltd.
2. Axis Direct
3. Axis Finance Ltd.
4. A.Treds Ltd.
5. Axis Private Equity Ltd.
6. Axis Trustee Services Ltd.
7. Axis Mutual Fund Trustee Ltd.
8. Axis Bank UK Ltd.
9. Axis Securities Europe Ltd.
10. Axis Asset Management Company Ltd.

Retail Banking

In the retail category, the bank offers services such as lending to individuals/small businesses subject to the orientation, product and granularity criterion, along with liability products, card services, Internet banking, automated teller machines (ATM) services, depository, financial advisory services, and Non-resident Indian (NRI) services

Corporate Banking


The Bank offers various loan and fee-based products and services to Large and Mid-corporate customers and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses. These products and services include cash credit facilities, demand and short-term loans, project finance, export credit, factoring, channel financing, structured products, discounting of bills, documentary credits, guarantees, foreign exchange and derivative products

Transaction Banking:

Formed in April 2015, TxB provides integrated products and services to customers in areas of current accounts, cash management services, capital market services, trade, foreign exchange and derivatives, cross-border trade and correspondent banking services and tax collections on behalf of the Government and various State Governments in India


The Treasury manages the funding position of the Bank and also manages and maintains its regulatory reserve requirements. It invests in sovereign and corporate debt instruments and engages in proprietary trading in equity and fixed income securities, foreign exchange, currency futures and options


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