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General Awareness Asked in NIACL Mains Exam 2018

We are publishing the General Awareness Questions asked in the NIACL Mains Exam 2018. You can share more questions in the comment……

General Awareness Asked in NIACL Mains Exam 2018

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Memory-Based: General Awareness Asked in NIACL Mains Exam 2018

1SIP is an investment vehicle offered by mutual funds. SIP Stands for? Systematic Investment Plan’
2One question related to New business premium.
3One question related to Assignment.
4International Literacy Day, celebrated annually on 8 September. What is the time for ILD 2018? This year’s theme is ‘Literacy and skills development.’
5International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism is observed on. 21 August.
6Apsara, a swimming pool type research reactor has been started in? Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).
7What is the Capital City of Bulgaria? Sofia
8Indo-Americal 2+2 Dialogue was signed in  _______. New Delhi
9Lakhwar Dam is in _______. Uttarakhand
10Kofi Annan is From which Country? Ghana.
11Bogibeel bridge is situated on which of the following river? Brahmaputra River.
12Duleep trophy is related to which sports? Cricket.
13Total how many Gold Medals were won by India in Asian Games 2018? 15 Gold
14Which state government is host to the 2018 Krishi Kumbh International Conference and Exhibition? Uttar Pradesh
15Lippa Asrang wildlife sanctuary is situated in? Himachal Pradesh
16“Moving On, Moving Forward: A year in Office” has been authored by Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu.
17Duleep trophy is related to which sports? Cricket
18Headquarters of NDB (New Development Bank) is in Shanghai
19Name the company that has announced the launch of ‘E@Secure’, a Cyber Insurance Policy for
20individuals. HDFC ERGO.
21KAZIND is a Joint Army Exercise held between ___________. Indo-Kazakhstan
221st Indian Heptathlete To Win Gold In Asian Games. Swapna Barman
23No spin is an autobiography of? Shane Warne
245th BIMSTEC Summit was held in _______. Sri Lanka
25Name the 2 Indians who are among the six winners of Ramon Magsaysay Award 2018. Bharat Vatwani and Sonam Wangchuk. Vatwani was given for his tremendous courage and healing compassion in embracing India’s mentally-afflicted destitute.
26World Hindi Conference 2018 was held in. Mauritius.
27India is going to send manned mission on Mars. Which is the third country after USA Russia to send manned mission? China
28HOPE space mission is launched by which Arabian country? UAE
29New BSNL Brand ambassador: Mary Kom.
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