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Pradhanmantri Mudra scheme

Pradhanmantri Mudra scheme: Today, we are giving information in detail of currency loan. In which types of currency loan you have. Which loan will be right for you? Which documents are required in the mudra loan and the information we are telling in this post. So you read this post completely so that you do not have to face any problem in getting a loan.

Mudra Loan: How to get Mudra Loan?

Mudra loan scheme is for those who are excited about doing business. What the business does and who wants to increase their business. This scheme is for them. The purpose of this loan is that every person has their business and no one is unemployed. It is difficult for everyone to get government jobs, so businesses can earn money. The currency loan is divided into three parts.

Mudra loan type

The government has been divided into three types under the money laundering scheme. From low loan to more loans. The loan which he can take, he can take that loan.

Child Loan – Shishu Loan

Under the mudra loan, loan up to Rs 50,000 / – is provided in the mudra loan. They should take this loan for the first time that they are taking currency loans. This loan is given to those who apply for the loan in much of the bank. How to get mudra loan

Note = If you are taking a loan for a new business, then you can apply for a Shishu loan. This is given as 60% loan.

Teen loan – Kishor Loan

This is the second number loan in currency loan. Loans up to Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakh are given under the juvenile loan. You can also apply for this loan. Currency interest 

Tarun Loan:

This is the third and the last loan scheme of the Prime Minister’s Money Scheme. Under this Tarun Debt, a loan of Rs 5 lakh to 10 lakh is given as mudra loan. Those whose business is big, for whom it is a loan.
Bank offers this loan very much.
Types of Loan Money in Loan Security 
SHISHU 1,000 to 50,000 Nil
KISHORE 50,000 to 5Lakhs 15%
TARUN 5Lakhs to 10Lakhs 15%

Which loan will you get on the Mudra loan

You can take mudra loan on multiple businesses. Whose list is given below?

Small-scale manufacturing units Other Business Rural and Urban Areas Foodservice units
Truck operators Machine operator Repair shops
Small-scale food processing Partnership firm Shopper fruit or vegetable vendors

Mudra loan interest rate

Let us question what is the interest rate on Mudra loan. This question is definitely on everyone’s mind.
If you stay the interest rate of the mudra scheme on average only 12%. This means you have to give 12 rupees more to 100 rupees in 1 year.
All bank rules vary, due to this the mudra loan interest rate of all the banks is different. How to get mudra loan

Which loan will you get from the bank?

Presently, following the monetary policy, many banks and institutions are giving loans. These include government banks and private banks and all.

  • 27 by public banks
  • 17 by private banks
  • 31 Regional Rural Banks
  • By 4 cooperative banks
  • 36 by Microfinance Institutions
  • By 25 non-banking financial institutions

Mudra loan documents.

  1. Prime Minister’s Mudra scheme application form and commercial installment loan application form which are duly filled.
  2. Photo identity proof and address certificate
  3. Bank statement of last 6 months
  4. Where is your business currently? Proof of continuity of business of residence certificate
  5. Qualification certificate in relation to le business
  6. Document List for Rural Business

And other necessary documents.

Pradhanmantri Mudra scheme application form and commercial installment loan or rural business loan application form which are duly filled.
  • Photo identity certificate
  • Address proof residence or office ownership certificate
  • Business Vintage Proof
  • Bank details of last 12 months
  • Income tax return documents in the last 2 years.

Mudra loan toll-free number

You can contact this number if you have any more information related to the money lone scheme. Which will get your information.

mudra loan scheme yojana website –
Mail d –
Mudra loan Helpline Number: 1800-180-1111 / 1800-11-0001

Benefits of Mudra Loan Scheme

Under the money loan scheme, there is usually a non-guaranteed loan called (Without Guarantee). There are many such rules in this loan which makes them different from others.

You do not need any guarantor for this loan. Which is required in other loans.

You get this loan through the medium of the credit card. You have to pay the interest of Rs. This card is called a Mudra Card.

There is no charge for this loan. Which is called Processing Fees. This currency loan is free from this fee.

Currency repayment period of currency loan can extend to 5 years. How to get Mudra loan

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“गरीबी को दूर भगाओ, जरूरतमंद तक मुद्रा लोन ( mudra loan ) पहुँचाओ ।”

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