NGO – Non Governmental Organization: Start an NGO, Trust & Society


Today, I am sharing information about NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and I am also sharing the difference between different types of NGO. If you will read the full article, you know about the registration time for state & National level NGO’s.

How to start an NGO (NPO), Trust and Society in India

What is NGO?

Its full form is Non-Governmental Organization & NPO full form is Non-Profit Organizations. There is no any difference between NGO & NPO.

It is an organization whose main purpose is social welfare. It is operated by a group of some individuals.

If the group or community of individuals wants to work for social reform or welfare, then they can do this work by registering or registering without the NGOs (NGOs). You can get financial help from the government and granting organization on working from Registered NGO to the community service. If a social worker wants to not seek financial assistance, he can also do social welfare without registering.

An NGO – Non-Governmental Organization has its own identity. After getting registered with the official government registrar office of NGO, you can get all kind of assistance and financial grants. NGOs or self-help organizations are not meant to fulfill business objectives, its sole aim is to ensure the interest of human and society.

Types of NGO – ‘Non-Governmental Organization’ in India:

NGOs can be registered in three ways in India. All three have their own values and are used in order to fulfill different objectives.

  1. Society
  2. Trust
  3. Company under section–25


What is society?

The Society is also an NGO registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. You can register this in two ways at a state level in which you can work within your own state and at the other center level in which you can work in the entire country. It takes about one to two months to register it.

State Level NGO

To register the State Level NGO, you will need 7 Seven Members, you can not include members of your household.

Center level NGO

To get registered with the Center level NGO, you will need 8 people. These eight people should be from different states.


What is Trust?

Trust is also an NGO, it is registered under the Indian Trusts Act / Bombay Trust Act / Devasthan Trust Act (Devasthan Trust Act). There are at least two members in it. It is mandatory to include the property in order to get the registration of trusts such as land or building.

Company under section-25

Company (Company under section-25) What is a company? (What is Company?) – A non-profit company called NGO, it is registered under the Company Act. There are at least two people (Director / Director) Are Needed. The institution under the Companies Act can work on anything in India as well, provided it receives valid recognition by the Central Government.

After NGO registration, when you give a financial grant, it is tax deductible if your NGO has an 80G certificate. You must have an FCRA Certificate to take the foreign financial grant. NGOs get financial help due to these certificates, and the taxpayer gets tax exemption.

Differences among Society, Trust, and Company

When we want to register or do NGO registration, we have three options that register NGOs as a society or register NGOs as the trust or register NGOs as a company. A question mark arises in our minds, so it is important to understand the differences in society, trust, and company.

Society Trust Company
Act Society Registration Act 1860 Indian Trusts Act / Bombay Trust Act / Devasthan Trust Act Company Act
Time for Registration Maximum 2 weeks Maximum 2 month Maximum 6 month
Can people of the family become members of the institution? You can keep family members in the trust, but any other member will be required to get a financial grant. Society can’t be a member of the same family. Anyone can be director/director of the company, but having difficulty in getting financial grants
Member Essentials for State Level NGO 2 Member 7 member 2 Member
Member Essentials for National Level NGO 2 Member 8 member from different states 2 Member



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